Stop fucking with obama

Posted 2021-04-06

Like, hes one of the many problems. Caucasians get y'all shit together stop blaming obama for everything is it because he black of course it is wen u see trump being racist. A internet phrase added to the end of complaints about pretty much anything.

One cheer for obama's executive order on drone strikes foreign policy

The 'red' buck doesn't stop with obama.

Obama once again comes to rahm's rescue

What makes this funny is the dude cheering obama. They don't seem to be happy with obama claiming credit.

I'll never forgive him for what he did to our military trump fires back

Obama, you have been fucking up this shit for far too long and it's time to stop. The buck doesn't stop with obama, it stops with the congress of the united states.

Barack obama's new book a promised land sounds like a better america

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First us presidential debate

We are fixing to have to choose between hilary, or trump we are fucking screwed.

President trump confronts faux barack obama in resurfaced photo deadline

Stoddard is an associate editor of the hill. Obama ended his address by highlighting the values of democracy.

Joe biden's alarming record on israel
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