Clear fluid gush from vaginal area

Posted 2021-02-10

Sometimes your water breaks and it is a constant trickle of fluid and not a big gush like it is in the movies. Soreness or itching in the vaginal area. Clear, watery discharge is common and not usually a concern.

Cerebrospinal fluid leakage

If it has been steady then it is very possible that you have ruptured your amniotic fluid sac.

Leaking amniotic fluid while pregnant

The levels of estrogen in your body have a huge impact on the amount of vaginal fluid that is secreted. Sunny bonk with big breasts bikini latina woman. A wild ebony woman taking my spunk. I even feel it running down my leg while standing at times.

Is clear watery discharge a sign of pregnancy

Self-esteem is never set in stone. I am now experiencing gushes of clear fluid discharge from vaginal area.

What is normal vaginal discharge and what's not

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Is this normal
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