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The Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority

The Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority (acronym: THE.P.T.A.) is a public administration body of the Greater Metropolitan Area of Thessaloniki under the Central Government Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks. Its main responsibilities include transport policy formulation for the Greater Thessaloniki Area, strategic transport planning, programming of interventions, as well as supervision and quality control of all of Public Transport Operators at the Prefecture of Thessaloniki. Its main role is to define the public transport policy framework for the city and implement an integrated package of policy guidelines according to the formulated policy.
THE.P.T.A. also has the functional supervision of O.A.S.Th., the sole private bus operator in Thessaloniki. THEPTA has defined the main areas of PT which should be enhanced (eg.DRT, transport telematics, RTI, etc.) to make the system more attractive to passengers, and which could contribute to improve the modal split in the city. The most important aim of PTA is to promote intermodality between urban PT, and later with other transport modes (air, water).

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