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Marche Regional Government

Marche Region Transport Department is the institutional setting in charge of PT planning and policy; it co-finances services supply and promote sustainable transport systems. The Public Transport Regional Plan, approved on 2010, underlines the value of a environmental-friendly and safe transport and furthermore it states one of the main strategic objectives for public transport evolution is improving new specific actions regard Information and Communication Technology solutions on public transport as info-mobility. Since 2009, the Region is working on e-ticketing system testing to replace standard pass. This innovative technological system lead to plan all routes “from–to”, costs, timetable, connections, allowing to save up to the 30% of the traditional travel documents costs. On 2009/10 the Region financed this actions with about 1,5 M€ and with 0.4 M€ co-financed the “Informed Management of Mobility” PJ in collaboration with local provinces and supported by Elisa National Government Programme.

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