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City of Košice

The city of Košice, with a population of 240.000, is the second largest city in Slovakia. Košice has a strong economic background, and the city creates employment opportunities for the population of the surrounding region as well as its own. Its advantageous location made Košice a key economic region and the centre of important trade routes that is supported also by its position as an important railway junction and international airport. The Košice public transit system includes trams, buses, and trolleybuses. There are 15 tram lines, with total length of 177 km, 41 bus routes with total length of 743.1 km, and two trolleybus routes with total length of 25.1km. Contactless smart cards issued by most Slovak public transport companies are accepted.
The main local problems and challenges of the Kosice urban transport system are the lack of integration between the different modes of transport, outdated infrastructure and poor passenger information. Surveys showed that passenger information is one of the most important services that passengers mention as a desirable feature of PT in Kosice.

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