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Lead Partner of ATTAC organised its 3rd Mobility Forum in Miskolc

One of the main local benefits of the ATTAC project for each ATTAC Partner is the development of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. These plans based on the so-called SUMP methodology supported by the European Commission are tailored to address local needs with the aim to provide guidelines for policy-making in the field of urban public transport, strengthen political commitment and give provisions for financing future investments in urban PT.

In order to involve all relevant stakeholders into the development process, each ATTAC Partner has set up a Mobility Forum (MF). Each local MFs meet 6 times during the project life time.

In Miskolc, the 3rd Local Mobility Forum was held on Thursday, 31 January 2013 with the involvement of Miskolc Holding Plc., the Lead Partner of ATTAC Project, MVK Zrt., public transportation company of Miskolc (subcontractor of Miskolc Holding responsible for the development of the local SUMP) and the Municipality of Miskolc City where the parties ensured more intensive cooperation in the field of the elaboration of a comprehensible plan.

At the forum, information was provided for the representatives of the Municipality of Miskolc City about the ATTAC project and the implementation and elaboration process of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The representatives of the Municipality of Miskolc presented the short and long-term transport development concept of the Municipality and the sustainable development strategy of Miskolc City.

In accordance with the Municipality’s requirements and also the comments and suggestions of the organisations involved in the elaboration of the plan, and on the basis of the preliminary guidelines, the final Table of Contents of the Miskolc Sustainable Urban Transport Plan will be developed.

The aim of the next Mobility Forum, which is scheduled for March 2013, is to develop the outline and the structure of the SUTP on the basis of the Table of Contents.

Publishing Date: 
Monday, February 4, 2013 - 11:30
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