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Project Partners (PP)

PP9 - Institute on Transport and Logistics (ITL) Foundation

ITL contributes to the development and the promotion of the mobility, logistics and transport systems in Emilia-Romagna region (Italy) by research, consulting and training activities. ITL is a governed by public law and a no profit research institute dealing since its foundation both with policy improvements and operational transport projects. Its shareholders are the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna, the Universities based in Emilia-Romagna, Local Public Authorities, Ravenna Port Authority and the Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Central European Initiative – Executive Secretariat

The Central European Initiative (CEI), composed of 18 Member States, is the largest and oldest forum of regional cooperation in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Its origin lies in the creation of a Quadrangolare on 11 November 1989 in Budapest by Italy, Austria, Hungary and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). In 1992, the organisation was named Central European Initiative when a number of countries were admitted as Member States.

The Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority

The Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority (acronym: THE.P.T.A.) is a public administration body of the Greater Metropolitan Area of Thessaloniki under the Central Government Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks. Its main responsibilities include transport policy formulation for the Greater Thessaloniki Area, strategic transport planning, programming of interventions, as well as supervision and quality control of all of Public Transport Operators at the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.

City of Košice

The city of Košice, with a population of 240.000, is the second largest city in Slovakia. Košice has a strong economic background, and the city creates employment opportunities for the population of the surrounding region as well as its own. Its advantageous location made Košice a key economic region and the centre of important trade routes that is supported also by its position as an important railway junction and international airport. The Košice public transit system includes trams, buses, and trolleybuses.

Municipality of Burgas

Burgas is a city of 210,000 inhabitants, located in the province of Burgas, Bulgaria. Burgas is administrative governmental institution, comprised of 13 living areas- 2 cities, 11 villages with own town halls. Burgas is an important center for the sea tourism with plenty of facilities and transport connections to the resorts on the South Black Sea coast. The use of public transport is at a moderate level compared with other Bulgarian cities.

Oradea Local Transport Company

Oradea Local Transport Company (SC OTL SA), was constituted on the basis of the Law No.31/1990 regarding the companies, being owned by the City of Oradea (North-West Region of Romania) and representing the sole local public transport operator within the administrative area of the City. The main objective of SC OTL SA is to ensure the local public transport (with 74 tramways and 77 buses) at the level of the City of Oradea for almost 161.000 (in 2010) users, on a daily basis.

Marche Regional Government

Marche Region Transport Department is the institutional setting in charge of PT planning and policy; it co-finances services supply and promote sustainable transport systems. The Public Transport Regional Plan, approved on 2010, underlines the value of a environmental-friendly and safe transport and furthermore it states one of the main strategic objectives for public transport evolution is improving new specific actions regard Information and Communication Technology solutions on public transport as info-mobility.

Modena Mobility and Local Public Transport Agency S.p.a.

Modena Mobility and Local Public Transport Agency S.p.a. (aMo) is the provincial public transport authority of the Modena Province. Its role is defined by the national and regional laws concerning PT in Italy and Emilia-Romagna. aMo provides PT services to the Modena Province area and to its 694.000 inhabitants and it strictly cooperates with the local Municipalities. The main challenge in the field of accessibility in the province and in Modena is congestion, mainly caused by the intense inter borough commuting, which is a result of industrial activities that operate in the region.

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